Islands Studies Journal

Das Islands Studies Journal Volume 13, Mai 2018:

Island Studies Journal, 13(1) – 1715-2593 Pages 1-2: Table of contents Editorial Pages 3-12: Hearing voices: colonialism, outsider perspectives, island and Indigenous issues, and publishing ethics — Adam Grydehøj Pages 13-166: Thematic section: Small island perspectives on climate change (Guest editors: Charlotte Eloise Stancioff & Rory A. Walshe) Pages 13-24: Guest editorial: Small island perspectives on climate change — Rory A. Walshe & Charlotte Eloise Stancioff Pages 25-44: Comparing perceived effects of climate-related environmental change and adaptation strategies for the Pacific small island states of Tuvalu, Samoa, and Tonga — Katharina Beyerl, Harald A. Mieg, & Eberhard Weber Pages 45-64: “The place where I live is where I belong”: community perspectives on climate change and climate-related migration in the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu — Nikita Perumal Pages 65-78: Adapting to climate change impacts in Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia: the importance of environmental conditions and intangible cultural heritage — Reed M. Perkins & Stefan Michael Krause Pages 79-100: Adapting to climate change at the national level in Caribbean small island developing states — Stacy-ann Robinson Pages 101-118: Social adaptability in ecotones: sea-level rise and climate change adaptation in Flushing and the Isles of Scilly, UK — Jan Petzold Pages 119-134: Subnational climate justice for the French Outre-mer: postcolonial politics and geography of an epistemic shift — Malcom Ferdinand Pages 135-148: Climate change perceptions and preparation in the United States territories in the Pacific: American Samoa, Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands — Michael B. Schwebel Pages 149-166: Islandness within climate change narratives of small island developing states (SIDS) — Ilan Kelman Pages 167-208: Thematic section: Maritime and island culture along the Kuroshio Current (Guest editor: Hyekyung Hyun) Pages 167-170: Guest editorial: Maritime and island culture along the Kuroshio Current — Hyekyun Hyun 2 Pages 171-184: Sea deity beliefs of the Kuroshio oceanic cultural sphere: maritime traditions and cultural interaction among Jeju Island, Zhoushan Archipelago, and the Ryukyu Islands — Nam-chun Heo & Hyun-jeung Lee Pages 185-194: The influence of the Kuroshio Current on place naming on Green Island, Taiwan — Peter Kang Pages 195-208: Pork food culture and sustainability on islands along the Kuroshio Current: resource circulation and ecological communities in Okinawa and Jeju — Sanghee Lee & Hyekyung Hyun Pages 209-300: Other scholarly papers Pages 209-222: Islands of islands: responses to the centre-periphery fractal model in East Futuna (Wallis and Futuna) and the Belep Islands (New Caledonia) — Adriano Favole & Lara Giordana Pages 223-234: Salt marsh synthesis: local politics, local identity perception and autonomy initiatives on Canvey Island (Essex, UK) — Philip Hayward Pages 235-250: Revisiting island decolonization: the pursuit of self-government in Pacific island polities under US hegemony — Moritz Pöllath Pages 251-266: Implications of tourism development on islets: Ilot Bernaches, Mauritius, as a destination management case study — Vanessa Gaitree Gowreesunkar, Masood A. Naqvi, & Hugues Séraphin Pages 267-284: Perceptions of entrepreneurial ecosystems in remote islands and core regions — Carmen Freitas & Michael Kitson Pages 285-300: Passport sales: how island microstates use strategic management to organise the new economic citizenship industry — Anthony van Fossen Pages 301-311: Book reviews National identity politics and postcolonial sovereignty games: Greenland, Denmark, and the European Union by Ulrik Pram Gad (reviewer: Nina Doering) Island of Guanyin: Mount Putuo and its Gazetteers by Marcus Bingenheimer (reviewer: Adam Grydehøj) Tourist utopias: offshore islands, enclave spaces, and mobile imaginaries by Tim Simpson (ed.) (reviewer: Helen Kapstein) Îléité: perspectives sur le vécu insulaire by Bénédicte André (reviewer: Johannes Riquet) Coastal works: cultures of the Atlantic Edge by Nicholas Allen, Nick Groom, & Jos Smith (eds.) (reviewer: Martin Ledstrup) Island landscapes: an expression of European culture by Gloria Pungetti (Ed.) (reviewer: Theano S. Terkenli)

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