Neue Ausstellung mit Kunst aus Westpapua

18.09.2023: Zu sehen im Afrika-Asien-Institut der Uni Hamburg

Exhibition of the Languages and Cultures of Southeast Asia Department, Asien-Afrika-Institute, Universität Hamburg

The conflict in West Papua - the most eastern province(s) of Indonesia - is perhaps one of the World's least noticed. Its origins can be traced back to 1962 when West Papua still was a Dutch colony and the U.S. facilitated what became known as the New York Agreement, which handed the area to the United Nations and then to Indonesia. From 1963 - when Indonesia took over until today - the conflict is evident in the various forms of oppression by the Indonesian government against the indigenous Papuans. They have been subjected to violence and human rights abuses, environmental and cultural dispossessions, as well as mass immigration. The latter have been resisting ever since. This exhibition aims to discuss human rights and social issues faced by the region’s inhabitants portrayed through their powerful resistance movement, particularly through various forms of art. The event will feature elements such as music, flags, sculptures, paintings, and even traditional cuisine, offering a holistic understanding of rich cultural heritage and the challenges they encounter.

Location: Universität Hamburg, Asien-Afrika-Institut (AAI), foyer 2nd floor and in room 121 Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1, Flügel Ost ("East Wing"), 20146 Hamburg

Opening: Thursday, 12th October 2023 from O4.15 pm - 08.00 pm

Duration: Winter-Semester 2023/2024

Contributions by: D. Wira Atmaja, Vylqi Okensyah, E. Hellen Kustanti, Happy Yulfarida Arini, Fachri Aidulsyah, Apryanti Madah M The, Astrid Martz, Laura Hirsch and Marion Struck-Garbe, Lecturer - Languages and Cultures of Southeast Asia, E-Mail: