Women’s Rights and Violence against Women in Indonesia with a focus on West Papua

10.05.2021: Online Webinar über Zoom am 19. Mai, 11 bis 12:30 Uhr

Indonesia is ranked 107th out of 195 countries and regions on the 2020 Gender Development Index. Women’s civil liberties and human rights are neither on the political nor the legal level sufficiently addressed, particularly when it comes to gender based violence or discrimination. In West Papua, women’s lives are additionally burdened by the ongoing armed conflict as well as limited access to education and health services and severe obstacles to attain land rights. In this Webinar we want to raise awareness regarding the situation of women’s rights and violence against women in Indonesia. Together with three international speakers from West Papua, Indonesia and Germany we explore what the main challenges are and what still needs to be done to realize, ensure and safeguard women’s rights.

Languages: English and Indonesian (Translation available)

Zoom Link (no Registration necessary): unitedinmission-org.zoom.us/j/68695595960