Bring the "Pacific Warriors" to Europe

26.08.2015: Crowdfunding-Kampagne

Dear friend, We have an amazing opportunity to bring the Pacific Climate Warriors to Europe - but we need your help to make it happen! Last October I watched as the Pacific Climate Warriors blockaded the largest coal port in the world with traditional canoes that they had built by hand. The tiny canoes versus the giant coal ships -- it was truly David vs Goliath -- and the crazy thing is that they won. Using these canoes the Pacific Warriors were able to prevent 10 ships from using the port that day. They then went on to occupy the offices of fossil fuel companies around Australia, to highlight the damage that Australian coal mining is having on the Pacific Islands. It was bold, courageous and hugely inspiring. This year they have their sights set on Europe, and to the financing of fossil fuels. But they need your help to get here. Bring the power of the Pacific Climate Warriors to Europe.

350 Pacific Coordinator, Koreti Tiumalu, described the preparations underway for their journey to Europe: “Our teams across 13 Pacific Islands have been collecting stories of how climate change is destroying the Pacific way of life. We are now taking these stories and weaving them into traditional mats. These mats, and the stories they represent, will travel with us to Europe, and the Vatican to show what is at risk if religious leaders do not divest from fossil fuels. In October, a group of us will arrive in the Vatican, where we will undertake a peaceful demonstration, asking the Pope to divest the Vatican from fossil fuels. Using our traditional woven mats, we will demonstrate the grief and loss being experienced in the Pacific Islands at the hands of the Fossil Fuel industry, in a traditional and symbolic “Act of Contrition” or “Fa’anoanoa”. Find out more, watch the video and donate to the Pacific Climate Warriors journey to Europe. This will be an incredible and powerful moment, and we will send a powerful message to our religious leaders and the world: we will not stand by as you continuously invest in the destruction of the Pacific Islands. Divest from fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy!” In solidarity, Aaron Packard PS - here’s some more images from the Pacific Climate Warrior canoe flotilla last year. Let’s get ready to welcome them to Europe!