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Welcome to the Pacific Information Desk!

The Pacific Information Office has been working since February, 1989. It is located in the Mission Department of the Lutheran Church of Bavaria in Neuendettelsau, Germany.

Funding and supporting members of the office are the Pacific-Network, a non-governmental organisation of German Pacific groups and the following mission departments: Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany (EMW, Hamburg), Department of World Mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria (MWB, Neuendettelsau), and North-Elbian Centre for World Mission and Church World Service (NMZ, Hamburg).

The work of the office is guided by a working group, in which the supporters Pacific-Network, and the mission departments are represented proportionally. The group defines the main tasks of the office.

The purpose of this co-operation and the task of the office are to inform the public on important economic, social and environmental events in the Asian-Pacific area. Special emphasis is being paid on the work of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in that region. They mainly work for peace, human rights, political and economic independence and/or environmental protection. A number of churches engaged in the same issues co-operate with these NGOs.

There is a growing awareness of the problems Pacific island states have to cope with especially the obvious interdependence of world economy, global ecological problems as well as tourism. Still, many Pacific nations and ethnic groups wish to make their problems known to people in Europe.

Information is made available through periodical publications such as a newsletter and a bulletin as well as dossiers focusing on different countries of the region, problems they have to face and other related issues. In addition, there is a number of books, slides and videos available. All this information is oriented towards institutions of public education, universities, the media, church groups and individuals.

Contact Address:

Pacific Information Office
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E-mail: Julia Ratzmann