Gemeinsam das Meeresschutzgebiet vor Hawaii schützen!

19.07.2017: Petition

Das Meeresschutzgebiet vor Hawaii ist eines der größten weltweit. Nun gilt es, dieses auch langfristig zu schützen und zu bewahren:

The U.S. has led the world in ocean conservation through both Republican and Democratic administrations. When President George W. Bush designated and President Obama expanded Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, they continued a national legacy of large-scale ocean protection — one based on environmental stewardship and cultural preservation.

Since then, Papahānaumokuākea has enjoyed near unanimous support from local to international levels, including designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of only 14 Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas on earth.

The president has ordered a review of certain monument designations, including Papahānaumokuākea. Reducing the size of these monuments or minimizing strong protections threaten to end the bipartisan legacy of protecting some of the most significant marine protected areas on the planet. Take action to protect now!