El Nino hits half a million people and 19 Provinces

24.08.2015: Auswirkungen von El Nino auf die pazifischen Inselstaaten

Hier ein Artikel zu El Nino in Papua-Neuguinea:
An estimated half a million people in 19 provinces are currently affected by the ruthless El Nino weather from either frost or drought. The National Disaster Center (NDC) told LOOP frost has impacted Goilala in the Central Province, Telefomin in the Sandaun and the six Highlands Provinces. The worst hit is Kandep, Enga where gardens have been destroyed by extreme cold and water sources are drying up. NDC Director, Martin Mose says 60,000 people in Enga alone face possible starvation with frost killing off food crops, their main source of income. In the Ambunti/Drekirkir electorate of East Sepik water sources are drying up fast for some 70,000 people. Assessments are still being carried out by national and provincial disaster officers in all 19 Provinces and Mose expects these on his table by Wednesday next week. And until that happens, Mose cannot even estimate how much money will be required to help Papua New Guineans survive the impact of El Nino. The Government has released K5 million for relief programs to worst hit areas but Mose’s office does not have readily available funds to respond quickly to some emergencies. Mose says over the years he has been trying to convince the Government to set aside funds for disasters and emergencies that can be accessed quickly. Currently disaster funds are parked at Treasury. Accessing these funds will require adherence to government regulations which can be lengthy. The access the National Disaster Center must receive written reports from the Provinces. He compiles and submits to the National Disaster committee which must present to the national executive council for approval before Treasury can act on it. Author: Joy Kisselpa