West Papua

Montag, 01.04.2024 bis Donnerstag, 31.10.2024

Fotoausstellung, Dubrovnik (Kroatien)

Ort: War Photo Limited, Antuninska 6, (old town), Dubrovnik HR20000, Croatia
Öffnungszeiten täglich ab 10 Uhr bis 232 Uhr, Eintritt 10 €

Fotoausstellung mit Bildern aus Westpapua von Ben Bohane

West Papua is the western half of New Guinea island, the largest tropical island and second largest island in the world.

West Papua remains one of the world’s forgotten conflicts, where a 60 year ‘slow motion genocide’ of its indigenous people by Indonesia continues with impunity.

War Photo Limited is an exhibition centre of war and conflict photojournalism situated inside Dubrovnik’s historic old city, spread over 2 floors the 350m2 (3800 sq ft) displays photographic exhibits by world renown photojournalists covering recent and ongoing regional and global conflicts.