Art under the skin

Mittwoch, 18.05.2022 bis Sonntag, 28.08.2022

Ausstellung, Barcelona (Spanien)

The exhibition goes back to the origins of tattooing and analyzes the resurgence of the phenomenon, which is now global. Through an anthropological, geographical and artistic approach, it explores the different uses and functions of tattooing in different eras and cultures. Tattooing plays multiple social roles that give rise to a wide variety of representations, such as ancestral and identity practice or as an object of fascination and contemporary artistic creation.

This exhibition brings together more than 240 historical and contemporary works from different regions of the world. In particular, there are about twenty silicone models tattooed by masters of this art, as well as another 20 tattoo projects painted in kakemonos. In addition to the history of tattooing and its anthropological roots, the exhibition highlights the artist's gesture, international exchanges between tattoo artists and the emergence of syncretic styles.

Ort: CaixaForum Barcelona, Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia 6-8, 08038 Barcelona