Tuna in the Pacific: The Involvement of Europe

08.09.2005: Dossier Nr. 75

Englischsprachiges Dossier
Erscheinungsdatum: September 2005
Autor: Pavel Klinckhamers, ECSIEP
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Aus der Zusammenfassung:

Tuna is an important natural resource for the Pacific region, which due to the isolation, small size, and lack of infrastructure of most of the islands is difficult to fully harvest by the Pacific islanders themselves. Many island states have therefore signed agreements with larger industrialised nations to fish in their waters and receive a fee from these nations which is marginal compared to the value of the resource. Europe has now also entered the arena of Pacific tuna fisheries and concludes new more developmentally oriented agreements with Pacific states. So far, it has not been observed that these Fishery Partnership Agreements between Pacific Island states and the EU automatically guarantee a fair agreement for a Pacific state or a push in the development of their own fisheries sector. Therefore a critical analysis of the agreements and the negotiations leading to them as well as monitoring of the existing agreements is badly needed. Apart from this, global developments of WTO regulations affecting fisheries subsidies and trade preferences can have a significant impact on the future revenues of Pacific fisheries and it is therefore important that the Pacific will be well represented at these international negotiations.