Gold’s Costly Dividend: Human Rights Impacts of Papua New Guinea’s Porgera Gold Mine

03.02.2011: Bericht von Human Rights Watch

The report largely addresses issues surrounding the so-called illegal mining, alleged human rights abuses by security personnel working around the mine, the corporate response from Barrick regarding human rights concerns at the Porgera site, the deterioration and lack of capacity within the landowner association, and health and environment concerns from riverine tailings disposal. The report has several shortcomings, including a tendency to gloss and sensationalise, but at the same time it appears to highlight the severity of the situation around the mine – and in a more indirect way, the sorts challenges for PJV staff when they contemplate mine closure at some point in the future.

Hier die Antworten von Barrick Gold:

und dann gibt es noch den kanadischen report dazu.