End their suffering and #BringThemHere to safety

05.05.2017: Online-Petition von Amnesty International zum Camp auf Manus


Updated 5 May 2017: On Good Friday, gunfire sprayed into the Manus Island detention centre. Despite our government’s claims that shots were ‘fired into the air’, photo evidence shows that bullets were fired into the detention centre. It’s a miracle no one was shot or killed. This dangerous situation was inevitable and is yet another disturbing example of the Australian Government risking the lives and safety of the people it has trapped on remote island detention centres.

The 2,200 people that the Australian Government has trapped on Nauru and Manus Island cannot wait for safety any longer. With the US/Australia settlement deal still uncertain and ongoing injuries to people seeking asylum, the Government and Opposition must put people before politics and must immediately bring people to safety here in Australia.

Last year Amnesty’s most senior researcher, Anna Neistat, visited Nauru and was recorded the great lengths the Australian Government is going to to deliberately inflict suffering on people seeking safety and to hide these abuses from the world. She said the Government had “designed a system of deliberate abuse” to deter people seeking safety who arrive by boat.

Many people trapped on Manus Island and Nauru suffer from serious mental health problems which are inadequately treated and exacerbated by the appalling conditions in which they’re forced to live. Anxiety, self-harm and suicide attempts are frequent, with children as young as nine speaking openly about wanting to end their lives.