The PNG Church Leaders Statement in Support of West Papua

27.10.2016: Erklärung der neuguineischen Kirchen

The PNG Church Leaders Statement in Support of West Papua

Rethinking Ecumenical Relations and Cooperation in Papua New Guinea

Goroka, PNG October 18 - 21, 2016

The Goroka Statement on West Papua

The Christian church leaders from Heads and representatives of the Anglican, Catholic, Evangelical Lutheran and United church in a conference organised by the Pacific Conference of Churches on rethinking ecumenical relations and cooperation in Papua New Guinea conducted in Goroka on the 18th to the 21st of October 2016 realised the need for Christian unity in Papua New Guinea to uphold the will of our ancestors and the belief they hold for Christianity for our people. In acknowledging their wish and dream for Papua New Guinea we stand together in solidarity to voice our concern for the plight of our Wantoks in West Papua. In this unity we uphold the principle of the love of God and love for neighbour·and have deep concerns for the abuse of God's creation in their dignity as people. This has been evident in the on-going human rights violation, oppression, genocide and occupation. Our solidarity signifies the foundational moral commitment amongst leaders of Christian churches in Papua New Guinea who share concern for each other and for our people of West Papua. We therefore commit ourselves to: 1. Focus our effort on awareness raising and relationship building among the Papua New Guinea people and our fellow West Papuans' residing in Papua New Guinea at local community level in recognition and acceptance of the Papuan’ and their sense of identity and belongingness in Papua New Guinea. 2. Advocate to government to consider the passing of the One People Bill in parliament and for full membership of West Papua in the Melanesian Spearhead Group. 3. Advocate to the government to allocate lands for resettlement for our Wantoks of West Papua and to provide opportunities for education and employment to them. 4. Advocate to the international community for recognition of the West Papua struggle for self-determination and freedom from human rights abuses. 5. Advocate for the liberation of the lndonesian leaders and people to recognise the plight of West Papuan struggle for liberation. As leaders we acknowledge the initiative already taken by the government, some churches and civil society organisations to help in the struggle for our Wantok brothers and sisters of West Papua.